Are Labour MPs accused of antisemitism because they are keen on ending tax-avoiding practices in the UK?


It appears that the British establishment has found the perfect formula to remove MPs who demand tough actions on British tax-dodging practices – accuse them of antisemitism!

Following recent antisemitism accusations directed at Rebecca Long-Bailey for retweeting an interview with actor and Labour supporter Maxine Peake, now six other Labour MPs are also being accused of being antisemitic.

The new political assassination list of Labour MPs under the pretext that they’re being antisemitic, include:

  • Ed Miliband, the former Labour party leader;
  • Margaret Hodge, the Labour MP For Barking;
  • Nia Griffith, the Shadow Welsh Secretary;
  • Stella Creasy, the Labour MP for Walthamstow;
  • Wes Streeting, the Labour MP for Ilford North; and 
  • Keir Starmer, the current Labour party leader.

Although some of the accused Labour MPs might have condemned Israel’s breach of human rights in the past, they’ve all demanded the end of tax-avoiding practices in the UK!

Rebecca Long-Bailey’s view on tax-avoidance

As Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury Long-Bailey, in 2016, opposed the Finance Bill in Parliament, saying:
“I think honourable members of all sides of this house have come to agree that tax avoidance is something that should be fought.”

Ed Milliband’s view on tax-avoidance

Former Labour party leader, Ed Miliband Leader pledged that Labour government would put UK tax havens on blacklist unless they end their system of secrecy, claiming:  
“A Labour government is not going to have endless consultation and dithering. We are going to give six months to these tax havens to agree to publish a register of beneficial ownership, and if they do not act we will recommend to the OECD that they are put on a blacklist.”

Margaret Hodge’s view on tax-avoidance

Labour party MP, Margaret Hodge, in 2017, argued that the Paradise Papers showed there is one rule for the super-rich and another for everyone else when it comes to paying tax and that these practices should come to an end, claiming:  
“I was quite taken aback by that story [of the Queen’s tax arrangements] because what it demonstrated was that the advisors… feel that it’s such an accepted practice to hide your wealth and avoid legitimate taxes that they didn’t think twice about doing it. It never occurred to them that it would tarnish the Queen’s reputation. That demonstrates the extent to which it is in the DNA of the establishment really, and that’s what we’ve got to change.”

Nia Griffith’s view on tax-avoidance

Labour party MP, Nia Griffiths, in 2015, called for the same standards tax should apply to all, concluding that:  
“Nobody likes paying tax, but we all want our services, such as the NHS, to be there when we need them. Above all, we want fairness. We have an expectation that we should all pay our taxes, whoever we are. We want the same standards to be applied to all. It is damaging for honest businesses to face competition from corporations that are not paying the tax that they owe. Horrifying revelations about HSBC accounts in Switzerland have been made this week. Instead of its clients being encouraged to pay the tax that they owed, they were being issued with credit cards to enable them to spend the money without it being identified. That is utterly shameful behaviour on the part of the individuals and the banks, and how many more are there like them? Even more shocking is the fact that the Government were told about HSBC back in 2010, but nearly five years later only one of the 1,100 people involved in the tax irregularities has been prosecuted. That is disgraceful. Cheating the Inland Revenue is never acceptable, but it is particularly galling when councillors up and down the country are agonising over how to manage their severely reduced budgets, and having to decide whether to cut help for special needs children or care for the elderly.”

Stella Creasy’s view on tax-avoidance

Labour party MP, Stella Creasy, in 2017, tabled legislation to try to tackle tax avoidance in the UK, stating that:  
“We have another opportunity this coming week to finish what Osborne started. Parliament can act by supporting my amendment to the finance bill at its report stage on Tuesday 31 October. With cross-party support already building for it, this Halloween it’s time to give those overseas companies not paying their taxes a real nightmare.”

Wes Streeting’s view on tax-avoidance

Labour party MP, Wes Streeting, in 2016, called for a serious shift the focus onto radical tax reform that would end tax avoidance, stating that:  
“Those who believe that public anger is motivated by envy fundamentally misunderstand the mood of the nation. British people have a basic belief in fair play. It’s not high earnings that people resent, it is that too many high earners and corporations get to effectively determine their marginal tax rate when the majority of us do not. It’s time to grapple with the complexity of our tax system to build confidence that we’re all paying our fair share.”

Keir Starmer’s view on tax-avoidance

Leader of the Labour party, Keir Starmer, five months ago, promised to clamp down on tax avoidance, particularly of large corporations, tweeting: 
“Increase income tax for the top 5% of earners, reverse the Tories’ cuts in corporation tax and clamp down on tax avoidance, particularly of large corporations. No stepping back from our core principles.”

It appears that the British tax-dodging elite is keen to end the political career of Labour MPs who frequently criticised the Tory government for not clamping down on tax-avoiding practices or threatened to end them by accusing them of antisemitism.

Similar to facilitating Brexit to protect their tax-free assets from the EU Anti Tax Avoidance Directive and the European Court of Justice, the British tax-dodging elite is using antisemitism accusations to silence Labour MPs who are keen to end tax-avoiding practices in the UK.




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