Britain has the worst COVID-19 recovery rate in the world

Britain has the worst COVID-19 recovery rate death toll in the world Boris Johnson Rory Stewart

Back in March, Rory Stewart criticized Boris Johnson for making the wrong decisions in his ‘herd immunity’ response to the coronavirus.

Referring to successful COVID-19 strategies adopted in China, South Korea and Denmark, the former Tory leadership candidate accused the British PM of irresponsibly blaming the scientific judgment for the appalling way the British government handled the pandemic crisis:
“Personally, I think it is irresponsible of politicians to keep suggesting that this is a question of science. It gives them a bit of cover, puts the blame on the scientists, but the judgement is ultimately a political judgement,”

There’s something utterly upsetting about the way the current Tory government under Boris Johnson has dealt with the COVID-19 outbreak.

Insofar, with an estimated 41,783 COVID-19 deaths, the UK has the third-highest death toll in the world behind the US and Brazil.

However, the British government and mainstream media declines to discuss UK’s COVID-19 recovery rate.

The sad truth is about the lethal incompetence of the Tory party in dealing with the COVID-19 lies in the fact that insofar, this government managed to recover only 1,283 people out of the 297,342 infected, whereas 41,783 have died.

To comprehend this gross incompetence in the way that Matt Hancock and Boris Johnson handled the COVID-19 outbreak, one needs to compare UK figures of other countries with similar numbers of people infected.

At the time of writing this piece, the John Hopkins University, which monitors the number of people infected, recovered and died in each country, indicates the UK has the worst recovery rate in the world.

Here’s the current state of affairs of handling the COVID-19 per each country, listing the most infected ones:


Out of the top 7 infected countries in the world, at only 0.43% recovered out of the 297,342 infected, the UK managed has the lowest percentage of the people recovered from COVID-19:               

  • UK – 0.43% recovered out of the 297,342 infected; 
  • USA – 26.83% recovered out of the 2,094,069 infected
  • India – 51.08% recovered out of the 332,424 infected;
  • Russia – 52.92% recovered out of the 528,267 infected;
  • Brazil  54.07% recovered out of the 867,624 infected;
  • Spain  61.65% recovered out of the 243,928 infected;
  • Italy    74.42% recovered out of the 236,989 infected;

A very important aspect is the ratio of deaths compared to the number of people recovered, whereby UK is leading the pack with only 1 recovered per 300 who have died, whereby Italy managed to recover 17 per 1 person who has died from COVID-19:

  • UK – 0.03 recovery ratio compared to deaths;
  • USA – 4.85 recovery ratio compared to deaths;
  • Italy – 5.14 recovery ratio compared to deaths;
  • Spain – 5.54 recovery ratio compared to deaths;
  • Brazil – 10.83 recovery ratio compared to deaths;
  • India – 17.84 recovery ratio compared to deaths;
  • Russia – 40.29 recovery ratio compared to deaths;

Of course, this is still at the early stage of the virus outbreak to determine the Tory performance in dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak, however, if one compares it to other countries, the UK is the only country in the world, whereby the number of deaths surpasses the number of people recovered.

Democracy is great because one reaps what one sows, including the pointless death of family relatives whom the Tory government have let down in the past and now when faced with such a fatal pandemic.

The virus appeared almost four months ago in China, but the incompetent Tories didn’t bother to either secure protective gear for all NHS staff or enough ventilators for British people and prepare for this pandemic, which is why we are only the country in the world with the highest number of deaths compared to the number of people recovered from COVID-19.




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