Welcome to my blog, named after my dystopian novel, “The Inconvenient Truth”!


By revealing inconvenient insights on Brexit, which have been read by over 300,000 people, this blog aims to expose mass deceptions and entice renowned publishing houses into publishing my dystopian novel, “The Inconvenient Truth”.

In 2016, I began inscribing my first novel that reveals a unique vision for a new civilization, but also the inconvenient truth about God, hoping that it will aspire younger generations into averting the imminent WWIII by creating a better and just and a peaceful world!

Due to UK turning into a global tax haven and depletion of global oil reserves by 2070, our offsprings will experience a tremendous calamity within their lifetime.

This could be avoided, though, it requires a profound self-reflection and spiritual evolvement, commonly described as resurrection, which doesn’t involve raising the dead, but raising the living ones that unable to fully experience or enjoy life.

In 1954, Albert Einstein wrote to the philosopher Eric Gutkind, whereby he conceded that:

“Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.”

Future collaboration between science and holy scriptures is crucial to facilitate a new civilisation free from ongoing deceptions and religious indoctrination, which my four novels aim to expedite.

My first novel, “The Inconvenient Truth”, is a highly controversial dystopian novel, which reveals profound insights into how hatred infiltrates us and oppresses our adeptness to live a contented life, but also the irrefutable proof of God’s, heaven’s or hell’s existence.

Having undergone an unconventional life journey, I’ve developed a bipolar condition, experiencing setbacks that transcended me into the parallel spiritual realm, which due to the “veil”, most adults can’t experience.

My bipolar ability to see beyond the “veil”, enabled me to comprehend the tax-avoidance scam that is driving the UK out of the EU!

Similar to the content featured on this blog, I hope that my bold and comic writing style will enlighten readers of my four novels with the inconvenient truth about human nature, God, heaven and hell, which are essential to our individual resurrection!

My second novel “Beyond The Veil” is dedicated to 50 million lovely bipolar individuals who are either struggling to fit into this world or have given up and ended their lives and it reveals what bipolar people experience, but also vital spiritual advice for people to follow throughout their lives, 

Therefore, if you happen to know a daring publisher who is concerned about the grim days that lie ahead and still believes that books can change our world and impressed by the insight featured on my blog, please don’t hesitate to forward to them the following link, which features the first chapter of  “The Inconvenient Truth” and highlights the unfortunate events that are due to devastate our next generation:


Thanks for reading and sharing my posts!

Nolan Jazimreg