A week after this disastrous initiative was unveiled in New York, a committed blonde Euronews reporter travelled to different capitals of the world across five continents. She chased and harassed random people to establish whether there is a global consensus on the UN Convention on the Secret of the Divine Civilisation. She had this annoying habit of walking behind them, passing them over, and then abruptly swinging around to thrust the mike towards them, scaring the hell out of them!

In Dusseldorf a young chap, wearing a shiny grey suit over a striped tie, holding a coffee cup on his right hand and a pink newspaper on the left one replied, “Come on, man – you must be out of your mind! That convention is a piece of shit,” he paused to look around and added. “Look, humans are humans, and they have enormous talent in screwing things. Hitler also promised great things, and we all know how it turned out in the end.”

A grey-bearded man replied, standing in front of the Eiffel Tower.

“Being French, this convention of unifying the world will not change much. Europeans are already united!”

In Cairo, an older woman with a scarf over her head answered.  “ I am 68 years old and will not live long enough to see it through.”

A young female in Madrid replied.  “It’s a splendid initiative, and I hope that it gets adopted because anything is better than a nuclear war!”

A fruit seller in a Dubai market exclaimed.  “There are different human races throughout the world. I look different from you. Allah, the Merciful One wanted us to be different and live differently. If the Merciful One would have wanted us to live in the same way, all united, he would have made us identical to one another.”

A taxi driver in New York reacted.  “Come on, man. The world is a cruel place because humans made it so. And you expect another human to fix it? Forget it, man!”

An electronics shopkeeper in Lagos objected.  “What is there to think about? It will never happen because our corrupt leaders will never endorse it. Don’t you read newspapers? Officially they all state that although they’re committed to doing everything it takes to establish peace, they claim that the proposed strategy is nothing more than a utopia.”

At Rio sandy beach, a slender and suntanned female in an orange bikini reflected.

“It would be wonderful if it accomplishes its objective. However, I doubt that it will because that’s just the way the world works.”

Standing in the Piazza del Plebiscito in Naples, next to ten rows of sunglasses hanging on a metallic wire mesh, a chubby young man laughed uncontrollably, shaking his tits off and spraying dandruff over his black shirt. He took something like seven seconds or more to calm down, before he spoke out with his elongated Italian accent, throwing his hands in the air.

“Seriously! Are you actually getting paid for asking such silly questions? Out of respect, I’ll just forget that you asked me this stupid question and pretend that you asked me something meaningful, like; if I would like to go out with you tonight, or how much a pair of these lovely sunglasses cost?”

An older man sitting on a park bench in Beijing replied.  “First, we had communism, and now my country is gradually being dragged into capitalism, messing up my generation, which is lost in this process. I am delighted that I won’t live long enough to experience another one of these atrocious transitions.”

While the delegates of the forthcoming UNESCO General Conference assembled to decide how to proceed with the proposed convention, around ninety thousand people thronged to rally their support for the Convention of The Secret of Divine Civilisation. The Place de Fontenoy opposite the UNESCO headquarters in Paris was packed with big banners with various inscriptions, such as.  “Let’s give truth a chance”.  “We are one”.  “Les Nations Unies – UNIR!” and “Say yes to change!”




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