Watch Jacob Rees-Mogg oppose EU tax policies, which aim to ensure the fiscal stability of its member states

Jacob Rees-Mogg opposed EU tax policies and Daniel Hannan admits that the purpose of ERG is to establish tax havens in the UK

While everyone appears to be confused about recent Tory Cabinet resignations over May’s Brexit Plan, Jacob Rees-Mogg’s amendments reveal that the ultimate objective of his Brexit campaign is to avert the EU’s meddling into our taxing system, tax-dodging practices and tax havens!


Here’s a summary of Jacob Rees-Mogg’s speech, recently presented at Churcher’s College, Petersfield, which has been issued by European Research Group (ERG):
“Key passages were pulled out under headlines such as “The government’s tone on Brexit needs to fundamentally change”, “Close alignment [with the EU after Brexit] is unacceptable” and “The UK cannot stay in the Customs Union.”

Contrary to the initial claims by his fellow Brexiteers who didn’t reject the possibility of remaining in the Customs Union after the UK has left the EU, Jacob Rees-Mogg rejects this possibility.

Most of the British people and businesses would benefit immensely from remaining part of the Single Market and the Customs Union, however, this doesn’t apply to wealthy tax-dodging individuals or companies!

If the UK leaves the EU but remains in the Single Market or the Customs Union, then the British government would have to implement the new EU Anti Tax Avoidance Directive, which is why Jacob Rees-Mogg opposed May’s Brexit Plan!

According to the Express, Jacob Rees-Mogg was furious with Theresa May because:
“BRUSSELS is planning to impose EU tax policies on the UK and its overseas territories after Britain leaves the bloc in March 2019 in a move branded a “punishment” by Jacob Rees-Mogg.”

Jacob Rees Mogg seems to disagree with EU’s efforts to make the wealthy tax-dodging elite pay their long-overdue taxes, which is why he campaigned to leave the EU.

However, the leaked documents by the European Parliament’s TAX3 secretariat revealed that May’s Brexit agreement will force the UK to align its tax policies with Brussels’ endeavours to end tax-avoiding practices because it states that:
“The objective is that the UK will abide by the tools adopted at EU level to fight tax evasion/avoidance, namely Code of Conduct on Business Taxation, Exchange of Information Directives (DAC) including Country by Country Reporting between tax authorities, Anti-Tax Avoidance Directive (ATAD).”

Upon realising this, Jacob Rees-Mogg went furious, attacking the Prime Minister and the EU, siding his ERG members and British MPs to vote against Theresa May’s Brexit plan, saying:

“This is part of a punishment Brexit and only serves to reiterate why it’s so important we leave. We need to free ourselves from such an uncompetitive structure before it is too late.”

Jacob Rees-Mogg is keen on protecting the sovereignty of the tax-dodging elite from EU’s Anti Tax Avoidance Directive, which is why he proposed amendments to May’s Brexit plan, which according to him would respect “the will of the people”, by demanding the termination of any future cooperation between the British and EU tax authorities:
“The critical amendment adopted by the government on Monday stated that HM Revenue & Customs could not collect duties or VAT on goods on behalf of the European Union unless there was a reciprocal arrangement. The Brexiteers believed that would kill off the customs plan because they expect Brussels would reject such a measure.”

Oddly enough, Jacob Rees-Mogg believes that the British people, who voted to leave the EU, did so because they don’t want the EU meddling in British tax affairs, such as the British traditional tax-avoiding practices.

In fact, every time the EU tried to tax the wealthy elite, Jacob Rees-Mogg opposed them!

In 2011, EU tried to protect the financial sector from the future financial crisis by imposing a financial transactions tax on financial institutions rather than spending taxpayers’ money to bail out failing banks and Jacob Rees-Mogg opposed them, saying:

“We must be robust in opposing it and we must not let the European Union get its grubby little hands on it.”

Jacob Rees-Mogg is also the chairman of the ERG, a secret organisation that has no website, and even though its members are determining our future, their names are unknown to the British public.

In a BBC 5 live interview, Daniel Hannan, a Conservative Party politician and one of the founders of ERG, claimed that his goal when establishing the European Research Group was to turn the UK into an “offshore haven, the Hong Kong to their China”.

All the British MPs who happen to also be ERG members have continually undermined the efforts by the British government or the EU to clamp down tax-avoiding practices, by voting against them!

All ERG members voted against giving the Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority duties to combat abusive tax avoidance arrangements, including by ascertaining and recording the beneficial ownership of trusts.

If the UK leaves the EU but remains in the single market or the customs union, then the British government would have to implement the new EU Anti Tax Avoidance Directive, which is why they are so keen to leave the EU without a deal.




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