Will Boris Johnson deliver Brexit on 31 October to avoid the transposition of the EU Anti Tax Avoidance Directive into British law?

Boris Johnson admits that due the EU Anti Tax Avoidance Directive and European Court of Justice he can't protec tax dodging practices in the UK

Boris Johnson is keen to break the British law and deliver Brexit on 31 October, because if the UK doesn’t leave the EU before December, then the British government has to adopt new regulating laws to complete the full transposition of the EU Anti Tax Avoidance Directive!

Why is Boris rushing the UK out of the EU on 31 October?

Boris Johnson claimed that he would rather ‘die in a ditch’ than request an article 50 extension before 31 October! 

In fact, as the this article explains, Boris Johnson faces a tough Brexit dilemma:

  • Die in a ditch without delivering Brexit on 31 October; or
  • Die in prison for delivering Brexit on 31 October,

Johnson hoped to have an early general election, but after a majority of MPs declined to support his motion, a No. 10 spokesman attacked Jeremy Corbyn, saying:

“Jeremy Corbyn has voted to wreck the negotiations, to delay Brexit until 2020 at least, to hand over billions if Brussels demands it, and to stop the public having a vote until after Brexit is delayed again. Corbyn does not trust the people. He wants to cancel the referendum result and stop the people having a say. The Prime Minister trusts the people and thinks they should decide who goes to Brussels on 17 October to negotiate – and he will get us out on 31 October with or without a deal.”


Whilst the No. 10 spokesman raises the issue of handing “over billions if Brussels demands it”, he failed to mention the tiny detail that if the UK doesn’t leave before the 1 January 2020, then the British government has to transpose the EU Anti Tax Avoidance Directive into the British law, thus enabling the British government to generate an additional £20 billions a year from tax-dodgers!

If Brexit isn’t delivered before 2020, then the UK has to transpose the EU Anti Tax Avoidance Directive into British law!

On 29 May 2017, the European Council adopted the amended anti-tax avoidance directive, the amended anti-tax avoidance directive, introducing the rules to tackle hybrid mismatches with the tax systems of countries outside the EU, which obliges its member states to implement the directive into their national law by 1 January 2020.


This is also confirmed by Her Majesty’s Treasury, which confirmed that by 01 January 2020, the British government has to transpose the EU’s Anti Tax Avoidance measures into British law.


Therefore, unless Boris Johnson manages to deliver Brexit well before 01 January 2020, the Brexiteers’ tax avoidance con will be dead, because once the EU measures are enacted, it takes a courageous politician to propose or vote in favour of their removal!

The EU is already aware of the British drive to protect the tax-dodging practices from the EU Anti Tax Avoidance Directive!

German Greens MEP Sven Giegold said: 

“Brexit must become an exit from British tax dumping. The rejection of the Brexit agreement by the British House of Commons has made the modalities of the Brexit even more incalculable. However, it is clear that any future agreement between Britain and the EU must put an end to tax havens in the UK’s overseas territories. The practice of zero tax on company profits in essentially all British overseas territories must no longer be exploited for international tax dodging.”


Dutch deputy prime minister, Lodewijk Asscher who happens to be Dutch Labour (PvdA) party leader, also issued a stark warning to the British government:

“If you and I pay taxes, so should the large enterprises. Let’s fight the race to the bottom for profits taxation together which threatens to come into existence if it is up to the Conservative UK government. This will affect all Europeans, as it deteriorates our support for our social security system and leaves ordinary people to bear the costs. This is why I propose to come to a new trade agreement with Great Britain, but only if we can agree firmly upon tackling tax avoidance and stopping the fiscal race to the bottom.”


Therefore, if Boris Johnson fails to deliver Brexit before 2020, the British tax-dodging elite, including the Russians who supported the Leave campaign could no longer avoid paying their taxes !

More information on Brexit’s tax avoidance scam is provided in the link below:




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